Piazza Leandra, in the historic center, is the oldest square in the city around which the characteristic medieval village develops. An obligatory stop for those looking for a suggestive and pleasant walk through ancient alleys and traces of the past. At the center of the square, inserted between two period buildings, is a fountain of medieval origin reactivated in 2015. Over it the small and splendid Church of the Star overlooks, one of the oldest in Civitavecchia.



The Terme della Ficoncella, are located on a hill 4km from Civitavecchia and about 1 hour from Rome. The structure was already known and appreciated in antiquity, often frequented as an alternative by the famous Terme Taurine already in Roman times. The water that still flows from the spring is the same that the Emperor Trajan bathed in many centuries ago. The thermal complex of the Ficoncella, unlike the Terme di Traiano, is not very large and has a total of 5 natural pools with different degrees of temperature starting from the warmest reaching 60 °. Due to the innumerable therapeutic properties, the waters of the Ficoncella are indicated in the treatment of various diseases: dermatitis, arthritis and problems of gastric origin, diseases of the respiratory and urinary tract. They are also very effective in healing wounds and inhalations.



The Civitavecchia Marina includes all that stretch of waterfront that, starting from Forte Michelangelo passing through Viale Garibaldi and the Pirgo plant, reaches further south to Borgo Odescalchi. Easily reachable both from the Port and from the Railway Station, the Marina is a must for all lovers of the sea and good food at a meeting point for young people and lovers of night life during the summer season. The Marina has become a real hub for the city able to host events, concerts and events. The core of all the activities is the large area of ​​Piazza della Vita in front of the Michelangelo Fortress where in summer it is easy to find exhibitions of local and artisan products, stalls, rides and games for children, street food bars, kiosks and outdoor cafes .


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