Within a triangle of land, known as the Sacred Island, stands the ancient Necropolis of Porto, an impressive archaeological site just a short distance from Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci Airport. The city of Porto, around the first century BC reached a great development and above all thanks to the proximity to the Port of Claudius it gradually went to replace the ancient city of Ostia, as the main support for maritime activities. The island was crossed by an important road, the Via Flavia Severiana, which connected the city of Porto with the ancient Ostia. It was the inhabitants of Porto who built the Necropolis on the side of the road. The floods of the Tiber and the consequent silting up of the entire area have allowed excellent preservation of the tombs, with their characteristic pink color.




The Ruins of Ostia Antica are a timeless, fascinating and mysterious place. To fully understand the greatness of Rome, one must also pass by here and walk among the remains of what was an extremely important commercial and port center during the imperial age. Thanks to this city built at the mouth of the Tiber (Ostia derives from the Latin ostium, foce) an incessant and precious river exchange took place with Rome. The archaeological area is really well preserved and especially in spring, walking among the ruins surrounded by flowers and vegetation is a pleasant and relaxing experience.


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