In the province of Viterbo, in the heart of Tuscia Laziale there is the Sacred Wood of Bomarzo, better known as Parco dei Mostri: an authentic hidden treasure to be discovered! In this article you will find all the useful information to visit the Park: entry times, prices, how to get there and what to see. Its attractions are full of symbolism, with continuous references and references to mythology and the world of the fantastic. Here the visitor is led through a path made of large statues, surreal buildings, inscriptions and riddles that continually surprise and disorient him. This park of wonders was rediscovered and re-evaluated over time also thanks to the interest of many artists, including Salvador Dalì.



The Church of Santa Maria di Castello is a magnificent example of medieval Romanesque art. Located outside the city walls, the church can be reached in a few minutes on foot from the city center, crossing Via di Porta Castello and passing under the Tower of Matilde di Canossa. Crossing these arcades you will feel catapulted back 1000 years! The atmosphere here is simply magical, especially at night when the streets are lit by the light of the street lamps alone ... the ideal place for a romantic stroll through history. The church of Santa Maria in Castello is the most representative medieval monument of Tarquinia: an unmissable stop for all history lovers and art lovers as well as a suggestive destination for photographers, tourists and in general for anyone who wants to relive an authentic and exciting dive into the past!


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